Why Do We Bring Flowers to a Funeral?

In places all over the world it is traditional to bring flowers to honor the deceased at a funeral. But how did this tradition get started? Why do we still do it today? Flowers have been used in funerals for many reasons, most of which are related to honoring the deceased and their memory.  But … Continue reading “Why Do We Bring Flowers to a Funeral?”

Why Use a Chapel for Funeral Services

A funeral is a way to celebrate the life of someone dear to us, and is an important opportunity for support and healing among those who were nearest to the deceased. Most people who have loved ones pass away aren’t aware of what they need to do next in order to prepare for funeral services. We … Continue reading “Why Use a Chapel for Funeral Services”

Funeral Viewings: Public or Private?

When planning a funeral, many people opt for a viewing of the deceased during the proceedings. Often, a viewing can be an important first step in the mourning process and provides closure for those closest to the deceased. If you’ve decided that you would like a viewing at the funeral of your loved one, the … Continue reading “Funeral Viewings: Public or Private?”

Three Reasons to Use a Mausoleum

Whether you’re selecting a final resting place for yourself or for a loved one, choosing where and how to pay homage to a person is a deeply personal thing. There are many options available to you. One popular choice is mausoleums, buildings where a person’s coffin or urn is kept, sometimes with other meaningful objects … Continue reading “Three Reasons to Use a Mausoleum”

What to Do When Someone Dies: Immediately

Losing a loved one is never easy. In a time when you are filled with grief and possibly shock, there are unfortunately some unpleasant tasks ahead of you that you need to deal with. Considering the emotional turmoil you are in, you might feel overwhelmed and paralyzed and even the simplest decisions can seem impossible. … Continue reading “What to Do When Someone Dies: Immediately”