Salt Lake City’s First Crematoriam & Mausoleum

In 1928, American Abby and Mausoleum Company began construction of Salt Lake City’s first crematorium and in 1930 the Salt Lake City Crematorium and Mausoleum opened their doors to the public. Since that opening, thousands of cremations have been performed professionally and with dignity. The Crematorium sits atop a hill overlooking the Salt Lake City … Continue reading “Salt Lake City’s First Crematoriam & Mausoleum”

Is City View Memoriam a Funeral Home?

First let me define the term funeral home.  Historically, a funeral home was a private home where people would to honor their dead.  Over time, more and more services were required by the homeowner, so special preparation rooms for cleaning, embalming, casketing and viewing the deceased had to be installed.  Thus, homes used for funerals … Continue reading “Is City View Memoriam a Funeral Home?”