What to Do When Someone Dies: Immediately

Losing a loved one is never easy. In a time when you are filled with grief and possibly shock, there are unfortunately some unpleasant tasks ahead of you that you need to deal with. Considering the emotional turmoil you are in, you might feel overwhelmed and paralyzed and even the simplest decisions can seem impossible. … Continue reading “What to Do When Someone Dies: Immediately”

What to Do When Someone Dies: Within a Few Days

Coping with a loved one’s death is never easy. After the initial arrangements have been made and the initial shock has somewhat lessened, there are still a few things to do within a few days after someone dies. This checklist provides the necessary steps you need to take within a few days after your loved … Continue reading “What to Do When Someone Dies: Within a Few Days”

Why Cremation: A Few More Reasons

As we mentioned in the previous article, cremation is a popular choice for many reasons. We listed 5 reasons why you should consider cremation and in this article we have a few more reasons you should take into consideration when you are deciding between a cremation or a traditional ground burial ceremony. 1. Space Availability … Continue reading “Why Cremation: A Few More Reasons”

Why Cremation?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. The reasons range from cost to claustrophobia to religious considerations and it’s always a personal decision. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose cremation. 1. Cost Cremation is usually cheaper than the traditional ground … Continue reading “Why Cremation?”

Mortuaries Can Be Expensive, But Here’s Why They’re Worth it

The death of a loved one can be a stressful time full of mourning and healing. It may be difficult to juggle the responsibilities of arranging your dearly departed’s funeral with the stress brought on by their passing. Luckily, you don’t need to go through this alone. At City View Memoriam, we have helpful, knowledgeable staff … Continue reading “Mortuaries Can Be Expensive, But Here’s Why They’re Worth it”