City View Memoriam is dedicated to provide a beautiful (brochure), peaceful and sacred place to give tribute (memoriam) to your loved ones.   Everything we do at City View Memoriam is done as a tribute or memoriam to those who have departed this life.  The grounds, the buildings and gardens stand as a tribute to your family loved ones. The unparalleled view of the Salt Lake Valley provides not only the finest vista of our valley but provides countless opportunities for reflection and memories. We want you to experience the peace and grateful reflection that comes when the final resting place of your beloved family members provides a tribute to their memory.




In 1928, Salt Lake City Corporation deeded to American Abbey and Mausoleum Company 6.5 acres north of the Salt Lake City Cemetery for the construction of a mausoleum, crematorium, chapel and gardens for the “disposal of the dead”.  Cecil E. Bryan, America’s foremost mausoleum architect was commissioned to design and erect a stately temple built of stone, marble, bronze, carved woods and stained glass that would withstand the ravages of time and be a beacon of beauty and memoriam for Salt Lake City.  The property was named the Salt Lake Mausoleum and was dedicated for the public in 1931. George and May Jeffries purchased the property in 1946.  In 1974 the property was purchased by the Garden State Cemetery Company/ Shrine of Memories Mausoleum and in 19?? Keith Garner purchased the property.  Mr. Garner expanded the property and added additional pavilions and garden niches.  In 2015, Salt Lake City Memoriam LLC purchased all assets from Mr. Garner’s estate and changed the name to the City View Memoriam.




City View Memoriam is located 1001 E. 11th Ave., Salk Lake City, Utah, 84103.  The memoriam is located just north of the Salt Lake City Cemetery and overlooks the Salt Lake Valley.  You can easily get to City View from anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley.


City View Memorial Ownership


Stephen M. Harmsen


Steve and his brother Randy purchased City View Memoriam (Garner Funeral Home) in June 2015.  Steve lives in the Avenues and has long dreamed of restoring the Mausoleum to its former grandeur.  Steve is focused on returning this Salt Lake City landmark to its place as one of the grand facilities in the Valley.  Steve is a successful businessman and real estate investor.


Randall G. Harmsen


Randy is focused on insuring that all that is done at City View Memoriam is a tribute to our loved ones who have done so much for the living.  Memoriam means tribute and it is this focus that drives both Randy and Steve to provide a beautiful, peaceful and sacred memoriam to all.  Randy is a successful businessman and he and Steve has developed several successful real estate projects in the area.



City View Memoriam provides a full range of funeral services to accommodate the needs of people of all faiths. Facilities include a beautiful chapel (shown left), public and private viewing rooms, a full range casket selection room (shown below) and an enlarged parking area.