Utah’s finest mausoleum offers a variety of crypts, niches, and columbarium—crafted with some of the world’s finest marble—as places of rest, honor, and meditation

In the silence of hallowed halls,

healing begins and reverence endures.


More Info On Our Mausoleum

City View Memoriam has the finest mausoleum in the intermountain west. Come and walk down the halls and marvel at the stained glass collection. It is one of the most significant Utah themed stained glass collections available. The entrance glass is believed to be an original Tiffany. As you walk the hallowed halls off the Mausoleum, notice exquisite detail of the marble crypts, the magnificent marble columns and marvelous colors of the complementary marble walls, columbarium and family rooms. The City View Memoriam Mausoleum is the oldest and recognized mausoleum in Utah. The Tuscan architecture and surrounding landscape design complement and provide warmth and welcome to the Mausoleum. This unique building is dedicated to providing a stunning and lasting tribute to your loved ones. Truly, this mausoleum provides a fitting memoriam and final resting place for your departed loved ones and family members.


Mausoleum Indoor Crypts

Mausoleum Niches

Garden Pavilion Crypts

Family Garden Niches